Saturday May 27, 2023

National Day of Creation Action

Join with other like-minded Christians and churches across Canada to begin caring for our creation in a tangible way.

On Saturday, May 27, join or lead a National Litter Pick Up day in your city to put your faith into action. You will be joining with churches and individuals from across the nation who want to make a difference and declare that God’s creation is good and worthy of our care.

Become a Creation Care Ambassador

This is your opportunity to engage your community, both at church and at large, on climate care. 

As an ambassador, you will be connected with people as passionate about the climate and the gospel as you are while being equipped with tools to help you turn your passion into action.

 Ambassadors will play a critical role in creating a new movement of Christians who believe that caring for creation is not only a way to save the planet but a way to reach others with the Gospel as well. 

A Creation Care Ambassador Will…

  • Lead their own litter clean-up day on May 27th with the blessing of their church as the start of the creation care conversation. 
  • Encourage church leadership to consider church membership in The Creation Collective. 
  • Continue to act as a Climate Care Ambassador within your church by partnering with Tearfund Canada and A Rocha. 


What you will Receive

  • Access to our Whatsapp group chat with other Christian Creation Care Ambassadors.  
  • Personal coaching from a professional spokesperson on how to foster unity around the cause of climate care in your church community. 
  • Access to our resources and a wide network of like-minded professionals (Tearfund & A Rocha). 
  • Fun, actionable ideas on how to involve your community in climate care activities.
  • Encouragement and Engagement with your faith in action on climate care.

Recieve What You Need to Make a Difference

Receive training on how to approach your church leadership about creation care before leading a litter pick-up on May 27th. 

Join us on May 11th, 2023, at 12:00 pm EST on Zoom for a coaching session that will equip you to become a Creation Collective Ambassador. Learn how to approach your church leadership with humility and pitch creation care in a way that gets people on board. 

Sign-up Today!


This is a great way to show the leadership of your church that creation care and the church’s goals do align! By leading a litter pick-up event, you will be kick-starting your church to take up the call of climate activism. This is your chance to act on your convictions, and teach others while you do it!

Our national day of action and supporting resources are specific to running a litter-pick up day. Although we understand that there may be situations where this is not practical or ideal. If you have another idea for a specific action you can do please feel free to contact us. We would love to talk about it!

  • Pre-planning: 2-3hrs. 
  • Organizing on the day: 60 min.
  • Litter pick up and litter disposal: 3 hrs.