NEW SURVEY RESULTS: Young Christians want to ACT on Creation Care

A new groundbreaking survey reveals that the majoirty of young, church-going Christians see the care for creation as a gospel issue and are eager to see the church take leadership. Download the full report below to hear what Canadian Christians (ages 18-40) say about climate change, nature loss, and the church. 

Key Findings 

  • 65% of respondents attend church weekly or more, and 77% attend at least once a month
  • 91% are worried about climate change and nature loss
  • 92% believe that caring for creation is an essential act of discipleship and the Church’s mission
  • 84% of young Christians said they have friends that are concerned about climate change
  • 75% want mentoring from their church to help them cultivate Christian hope as they face the world’s future

“Young people who follow Jesus are urging us to care for God’s good earth now. Let’s stand with them and future generations by passionately protecting and preserving our precious planet.”

– Ken Shigematsu, Pastor of Tenth Church, Vancouver

“These results are a clear invitation to Missional thinking to lead both transformation of communities and creation flourishing – a consistent pattern in scripture that addresses the longing expressed in the survey.”

– Rev. David Wells, General Superintendent – Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

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